May 26, 2024

2024 will be the year of travel-focused wellness

Pinterest revealed in its latest report that travelers seek digital detoxes by visiting serene landscapes and living relaxing and renewing experiences

Pinterest is the destination of choice for millions of people around the world looking for the best travel inspiration. Whether you’re dreaming of a remote location or an adventure close to home, the platform is brimming with ideas to turn your travel dreams into reality. With over a billion travel-related searches and over ten billion travel-related saves a year, Pinterest is full of ideas to make the most of your trip. Since last year, searches for “travel vision board” and “packing guide” jumped 210% and 480% respectively.

With the hustle and bustle of daily life taking its toll, travelers are seeking digital detoxes in serene landscapes and refreshing experiences. Say goodbye to crowded cities and welcome remote destinations that promise tranquility and self-discovery. Adventures for adrenaline junkies, mysterious sites that convey excitement and surprise, and nature trips are on the rise.

But that’s not all: solo travel will be a big theme of 2024 for individuals seeking personal growth and reflection. At the same time, Gen Z is taking advantage of the opportunity to form deeper connections with their friends through intimate and affordable road trips.

In the new age of travel, Pinterest is your gateway to endless possibilities.

Adventure travels

Due to pandemic lockdowns, a strong appreciation for “adventurous activities” began to grow around the world (searches increased by up to 45%3 year over year). This is proof of the search for joy, the return to connection with nature and the abandonment of the mundane; a collective desire to live experiences that uplift the spirit. Achieving multiple goals in an adventurous environment can result in feelings of accomplishment and empowerment. Adventure travel also offers opportunities to experience personal growth, enjoy physical and mental well-being, and employ sustainable tourism practices that align with the evolving priorities of the modern world. Check out the top trending adventure travel activities below:

Luxury Safari Cabin +110%

Diving photography +60%

Mountaineering +40%

Hiking +40%

Adventure camp +44%

Caves +40%

Water park attractions +170%

Trail +94%

Canoeing +35%

Train travel +90%

The main adventure destinations:

Safari in Tanzania +60%

Nature trip Philippines +150%

Quiet traveling life

The desire to live a calmer, more serene lifestyle is on the rise, with searches for “quiet living” experiencing a 530% jump1. This longing for simplicity has extended to travel: since last year, searches for “quiet living” and “quiet places” have increased by 50% and 42%3 respectively. Pinterest users are looking to travel for digital detoxes – many of the sought-after nature destinations offer a respite from the constant hustle and bustle of connectivity and digital distractions, providing that much-needed break. Solo travel is emerging as a liberating option, giving individuals the freedom to create itineraries and set their pace and priorities without compromising anything. Whether sunbathing on a quiet, secluded beach or wandering through serene countryside landscapes, these kinds of experiences contribute to self-care and overall well-being. Below, discover the trending destinations for peaceful trips:

Solo trips +35%

Travel diary pages +155%

Glamping aesthetics +260%

Retreat aesthetics for well-being +90%

Cabin in the mountains +180%

Village vibes +145%

Field +60%

Island Life +30%

Walk through the forest +30%

National park +250%

The main destinations to experience a quiet life

Okinawa, Japan +35%

English countryside +31%

Mysterious places

Searches for enigmatic locations increase with travelers’ desire to discover fascinating places shrouded in mystery, which promise a mix of amazement, adventure and exploration of the unknown. From ethereal natural landscapes to whispering ruins, these hidden gems ignite the imagination and call travelers to pursue spiritual enlightenment and transcendence. Delving into the depths of ancient cities or discovering forgotten kingdoms becomes a captivating odyssey in which limits are broken and deep truths about oneself and the world are discovered. Join the quest for charm with the trends below:

Places on Earth that seem unreal +240%

Mysterious places on Earth +40%

Haunted places +155%

Relaxing nature +340%

Ancient cities +75%

Abandoned sites +230%

Lost places +40%

Beautiful places in the world+150%

The main mysterious sites

Machu Picchu +190%

Edinburgh, Scotland +56%

Highlight for generation Z: “Adventure Crossroads”

Gen Z users are increasingly searching for car trips and trips with friends as a more affordable and accessible option to share costs and be spontaneous. While individual adventures have their charm, traveling with friends fosters meaningful connections and cultivates shared experiences. Car trips offer the freedom to enjoy every moment of the journey and create opportunities to strengthen bonds and unforgettable memories in an intimate setting. Dive into the top trending searches among Gen Z below:

Comfortable outfit for a car trip +250%

What to bring on a car trip +66%

Snacks for car trips +65%

List of places to visit with friends +50%

Nature with friends +50%

Main destinations among generation Z:

Jasper, Canada +155%

The main destinations and interests

Pinterest users are not only discovering new destinations to visit, they are embarking on journeys with passion and purpose. Whether it’s trying exotic foods, immersing yourself in vibrant cultures and electrifying nightlife, or exploring tranquil rural landscapes, travelers seek experiences that align with their interests and hobbies. By combining their passions with travel, they access a world of enriching encounters that expand their horizons and deepen cultural connections. Discover the main trending destinations below:

London Lifestyle +340%
South African Food +320%
Party in Santorini +300%
Goan Nightlife +270%
Summer in Brazil +250%
Bali Vibes +195%
Myanmar History +170%
Rural India +100%
Culture Singapore +100%
Moroccan Aesthetics +90%

Get ready to elevate your travel strategy on Pinterest. From fueling inspiration to creating the perfect rejuvenating getaway, Pinterest turns travel dreams into reality. Whether you’re putting together the perfect itinerary or mastering the art of traveling light, Pinterest is your one-stop shop for all things travel, promising excitement and adventure at every turn.

Source : Pinterest.

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