May 26, 2024



A pioneer that became a natural wonder
Acapulco is a tourism icon in México, after being the first destination of sun and beach to gain huge fame internationally. In the fifties, it was the vacation hiding place for parties and weddings of Hollywood high personalities and British royalty who escaped from stages and palaces to come and enjoy the city’s amazing beauty.

Over the years, and the significant increase of travelers, Acapulco got separated into three main tourist attractions: Traditional, Golden and Diamond. Each one of them have their very own enchantments that deserve more than one visit to discover them all.

Let´s start with the Traditional Zone, the oldest one, where you´ll find one of the most iconic beaches of Acapulco: Caleta. Although during Semana Santa (Holy Week) it’s packed with vacationers, it’s fame wont go away. Still standing is the famous Palapa Cabaña, where the Coco Loco cocktail was born (rum, vodka, tequila, lemon, coconut cream and ice with garlands to decorate). Also, they still offer the traditional tour on board a glass bottom boat to observe the statue of the virgin mary submerged right in front of the Roqueta Island.

The Golden Zone extends all over the Miguel Aleman coast road to Playa Hornos. Acapulco´s most renowned all-inclusive hotel brands are located here, the favorites of holiday vacationers.

Water park El Rollo is located here as well as world famous night club Baby´O, a legend of Acapulco´s night life known for hosting international celebrities such as Bono, Sylvester Stallone and of course Luis Miguel (Mexican singer).

In the begining of the nineties, Acapulco added it´s newest selected zone: Punta Diamante. In this zone that goes from the scenic coast-road all the way down to Barra Vieja, is where exclusive hotels and resorts are located.

Today, Punta Diamante holds Acapulco´s newest atractions like: The longest over-the-ocean zipline in the world, Dolores Olmedo´s house with two sky open murals made by Diego Rivera and inspired in the Aztec culture, and a shopping center with a river that can be navigated just as the Venice waterway and international cuisine restaurants.