July 20, 2024
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Angelats Hotel: a space of disconnection in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees

Located in an old manor house, Angelats Hotel stands as a living witness of history and tradition in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees

Its history dates back to Domingo Batlló, who, in search of improving his health, found in the waters of the Torrent de Angelats the inspiration to build his residence in 1926 due to its healing properties. The unique architecture, influenced by Victorian England, reflects the humanistic and architectural legacy of the Batlló family, combining the tradition of the typical Catalan farmhouse and the English cottage.

In the years following the Spanish Civil War, the house underwent a renovation that made it an example of sustainable self-sufficiency. The strategic location took advantage of solar and hydroelectric energy, while the company’s own farm and fish farm guaranteed an autonomous and sustainable food supply.

The essence of Angelats Hotel is reflected in every corner of this distinguished residence, built with noble, high-quality materials and overflowing with symbolism that makes it a unique architectural jewel. The graceful curvature of the ceilings in its rooms and the presence of arches that adorn doors and windows give a distinctive character to each space. Since its beginnings, the wisdom of the Batlló family is materialized in the choice of double carpentry and steam heating, ingenious strategies used to defy the cold and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that lasts over time.

With a total of 17 exclusive rooms, each equipped with wooden floors and natural fabrics, Angelats Hotel offers a unique experience in an ecological and welcoming environment. Guests can enjoy local and organic cuisine at La Santa restaurant and explore the rich gastronomic and cultural offering in the surrounding area. The La Santa restaurant, whose neo-Romanesque style building was originally conceived to house a family chapel as demonstrated by its bell tower, is distinguished by its exquisite cuisine made up of dishes made with fresh, organic and sustainable products. A cuisine that is based on seasonal and local products.

Source: Angelats HoteL

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