May 25, 2024

Ciudad de México

México City is the capital of the Mexican Republic and has become the financial, cultural and political center of the country. It is one of the biggest and most populated cities in the world. To speak of Mexico City (CDMX) is to imagine one of the most populated cities in the world, where avenues, viaducts, causeways, alleys and streets become arteries where its inhabitants are the lifeblood of this great city. But Mexico City has a characteristic that makes it very attractive for tourism: its great history, art and its beautiful colonial and contemporary architecture.

When walking through the Historic Center of Mexico City you can realize the baroque, neoclassical style and relics of our Aztec ancestors such as the same main temple next to the metropolitan cathedral.

Examples of areas and places to visit in Mexico City abound and it is a pleasure to explore them on foot, especially picturesque neighborhoods such as San Angel or Coyoacán or Paseo de la Reforma itself, the financial, cultural and political center of the country where you can also find the famous Independence Monument inaugurated in 1910, an internationally recognized emblem of this city.

Mexico City has an infinite number of entertainment options. It is enough to know that there are 132 museums, 7 nearby archaeological zones and 64 theaters, not to mention the clubs, bars and restaurants serving all kinds of Mexican and international food.

Seven hundred years of history can also be appreciated among its great avenues, speedways, boulevards and skyscrapers; this is why the city shows several expressions of its traditional roots evoking a native and colonial past, together with the most refined art and architectural expressions reflecting modernity and the potential future of a growing metropolis.

Its pre-Hispanic remains show the greatness of the first civilizations settled on this site. Colonial architecture in its purest Baroque and neoclassic styles exemplify the blending of races, combining the natives carving work with the greatness of the European constructions. There are plenty of these examples along the city, sober and sumptuous temples, old residences and convents. Its suburbs like Coyoacán, San Angel or Tlalpan have a picturesque and unique style.

For those who love art and history, there is a great deal of options including around 188 museums, 64 theaters, 15 cultural centers and 7 nearby archaeological zones.As a typical cosmopolitan city, Mexico City has a frenzied activity, not only during the day but at night too.

Regarding touristic facilities, the city has countless luxury hotels, sophisticated restaurants and a great variety of stores with items for all tastes and economies. Climate is moderate sub-humid with 15°C average year temperature.