July 20, 2024
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Ecuador Tourism works to strengthen relations and connection with Italy

Recently, the Italian ambassador to Ecuador, Giovanni Davoli, held a meeting with Niels Olsen, the country’s Minister of Tourism

The objective of this meeting was to address the influx of Italian tourists to Ecuador, investments in tourist infrastructure and strategies to attract greater tourist flows.

One of the continuous works of the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador is to connect the country internationally. This is what Niels Olsen commented in an interview with ALTA.

” Once we have provided the competitive conditions for new operators to enter our skies, we will work on promoting the conditions established in our open skies policy, with the aim of signing and modifying new open skies agreements that allow greater number of air operations.

In terms of connectivity, we seek to link our country directly with more countries in the European Union… And recover frequencies on the continent and the region such as Sao Paulo and Toronto, and increase frequencies to Buenos Aires. We are very happy because this last aspect was already achieved last week by modifying our bilateral agreement with unlimited frequencies between Ecuador and Argentina,” said the Ecuadorian Minister of Tourism.

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