May 25, 2024

MSC Cruises World Cruise 2024 will welcome celebrity chefs on board

MSC Cruises will welcome three celebrity chefs aboard MSC Poesia during the second leg of its World Cruise 2024

Guests currently traveling aboard MSC Poesia have circumnavigated Africa and discovered spectacular destinations on their journey. During the voyage of their lives, the ship will visit 52 destinations in 31 countries. To enrich their experience, MSC Cruises has invited three celebrity chefs to join the adventure, allowing guests to discover the world through their palate, thanks to an enriched culinary program available on board.

In addition to the high-quality international dining options that MSC Cruises guests have come to expect, those sailing on World Cruise 2024 will be able to experience something very special with menus created by a team of award-winning chefs.

These chefs join the world cruise at different intervals to prepare a full menu of three to four courses, each showcasing the best of their respective cuisines from around the world.

Celebrated South African chef Reuben Riffel will serve a menu inspired by local flavors and guests will have the opportunity to sample authentic Cape-spiced pickled fish, peppered Karoo lamb and mallow pudding.

Veteran Brazilian chef Allan Vila Espejo will serve a menu that includes authentic cassava soup, Bahia-style fish stew with vegetables and coconut milk and a traditional Brazilian chocolate and coconut cake.

Michelin-starred Swedish chef, television personality and author Niklas Ekstedt will serve dishes inspired by natural ingredients and his farm-to-ocean ethos, including dishes like poached lobster and confit salmon.

If that wasn’t enough, chefs will also be on hand to greet guests in person as they sample their delicacies at the ship’s main restaurants.

Guests who still want to explore faraway places in 2024 can book the last remaining cabins for shorter segments of the MSC World Cruise 2024.

Guests looking to explore far-flung places in 2025 have the chance to book cabins aboard MSC Magnifica for MSC World Cruise 2025, with a stunning new itinerary that includes 50 incredible destinations in 21 different countries. Sailing the Mediterranean, Africa, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Red Sea before returning to Europe via Jordan and Egypt.

Source : MSC

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