July 18, 2024

Pereira Colombia

Between mountains, valleys and coffee

Founded on August 30, 1863, Pereira is part of the territory in 2011 UNESCO declared World Heritage Site: the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia. This city, the capital of the department of Risaralda, Antioquia is the result of colonization, whereby its inhabitants retain features of the culture of the carriers, like kindness and entrepreneurship.

What to do in Pereira?

Mountains planted with coffee and bananas; and valleys where bamboos and sugarcane crops are those who come to Pereira are. In this city and surroundings traveller can practice adventure sports; relax in hot springs and visit nature reserves and dedicated to culture, inter alia spaces. You could even see snow.

Unique experiences

Is a destination designed for travellers to come into contact with the coffee culture in estates where they can learn about the cultivation of this grain that has given Colombia a good name in the world. Some farms shows visitors how to prepare the coffee of these lands known worldwide for growing the best smooth Arabica coffee.

Can’t-miss activities

Those who come to Pereira can visit the Los Nevados National Natural Park and other reserves; Also, the excitement offered by adventure sports.

Photographs of our visitors