April 23, 2024
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WTM Latin America 2023 forecasts a 10% growth in the number of exhibitors

Under the slogan “Explore New Horizons”, the expectation is 16 thousand visitors and 600 exhibitors

“The 2022 edition was a boom and a milestone, not only for our event, but for the entire industry. The industry was eager to return to face-to-face meetings and resume strategic alliances and partnerships that result in deal signing. And our event, due to its technical nature, is a reflection of what is happening in the sector. Precisely for this reason, on the one hand, we are confident of success and, on the other, we keep our feet on the ground. We need to be responsible with our expectations”, affirms Daniel Zanetti, director of WTM Latin America, which in 2023 celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Known in the industry for his extensive experience and for establishing realistic projections, together with his team, Zanetti assumes a 10% growth in the number of exhibitors in 2023 compared to 2022, when WTM Latin America registered a total of 550 exhibitors out of 40 countries. In this way, and when it reaches the figure of 600 companies, the next edition of the event will surpass that of 2019, when it had a total of 591 exhibiting companies.

The total number of visitors should grow by 5%, exceeding the figure of 16 thousand people in the white and green pavilions of the Expo Center Norte Exhibition Center, in São Paulo, from April 3 to 5. In the two most recent face-to-face editions of the event, WTM Latin America gathered a total of 15,204 and 13,823 visitors in the 2022 and 2019 editions, respectively. “The fact is that we cannot, we do not want to and we will not be prisoners of the projections. We will continue working to deliver an event focused on connection, qualified content and that offers opportunities and business generation. That is our DNA and it is with this purpose that our team works”, concludes the executive.

The team mentioned by Zanetti is headed, in Brazil, among others, by Thaís Del Ben, Marketing and Communication Manager, and Bianca Pizzolito, Sales Manager for Brazil and Latin America of WTM Latin America, and is the team that makes the decisions strategic. , including those related to the format of the pavilions. “For this edition we have opted for a more integrated event, with corridors that interconnect with all the stands. This will give us an even smoother event,” says Bianca.

The executive anticipates that, although it is too early to confirm the names of the exhibitors, there are very important indicators that can already be pointed out, among them, the conversations that took place during the WTM London, which was held recently. “We are optimistic in relation to the countries that have already participated in other editions and want to continue, also in terms of the countries that have not yet participated and that want to debut in the Latin American edition,” he says and adds that “In addition to these, we continue to betting on the importance and strategic role of Latin America and internal regional tourism”.

The exhibitors represent, among others, national and international destinations, hotels and resorts, airlines, DMCs, technology companies, car rental agencies and tour operators. In this sense, the Tour Operators Area has been growing throughout the editions and has become a great reference in WTM Latin America.

The focus on business continues to be the pillar that guides the exhibition area, the conference program and the execution of the guest buyer programs. In this sense, the Hosted Buyers and WTM Buyers’ Club programs, which are aimed at national and international buyers, and the Agent on the Road program, which allows travel agents from all over Brazil, along with other tourism professionals, to participate They have already been confirmed.

All these professionals can organize their travel at the event using the meeting scheduling platform that allows them to find new contacts and boost business. In 2022, the system, which is an exclusive feature, guaranteed more than six thousand pre-scheduled meetings. “We made a substantial investment and we were very determined that the participants could plan and make the most of the event from the input of information, data analysis, content and systematized numbers. We move forward so that the event is increasingly intelligent. That is the future”, affirms Bianca.

Explore New Horizons

Discover, innovate and learn. “Over the past two years, the industry has undergone a very complete overhaul. Now we realize that we have managed to overcome this learning process, and one of the lessons that the pandemic taught us is that we must stop to think, find solutions and innovations for our industry in a broad, plural and complete way. road. We are sure that from 2023 we will be a new tourism industry, we will reinvent ourselves”, says Thais Del Ben, explaining the slogans chosen as a concept for WTM Latin America 2023 to bring together tourism leaders and professionals who are interested in doing business. with Latin American trade.

Another of the pillars of WTM Latin America are the contents exhibited in the rooms that develop the main themes of the event. For this edition the rooms are the following: Explore Technology, Explore Trends and Explore Transformation. “We will continue with our mission of presenting the main trends and cases that help boost the business and support industry professionals in their improvement”, highlights the executive.


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