May 25, 2024
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Fitur 2023: Ukraine will have its own pavilion on loan to find allies

Beleaguered country needs help to rebuild destroyed cultural heritage

The war that Ukraine has been experiencing for almost a year has not prevented it from reaching the Fitur 2023 edition with a clear mission: to seek allies to help it tackle a daunting task, the recovery or reconstruction of all the historical and cultural heritage it has destroyed during the war with Russia, which will not be present at this edition of the fair.

And to achieve its objective, it has significant support, the pavilion that Ifema Madrid has given it free of charge, a courtesy that is not usual and that the management of the fair grants only in “critical” situations, as is the case of the invasion that the Slavic country is suffering. With this tool, the Ukrainian visibility in the tourist hall is guaranteed, you will not lack visits.

In this way, the first hall dedicated to tourism of the year, which will take place at the Ifema venue between January 18 and 22, will serve to give visibility to the effects of the war on tourism and to try to promote alliances for the future reconstruction of Ukraine’s heritage after the end of the conflict.

“Meet Ukraine” is the motto of the agenda of events, cultural, institutional and commercial meetings that the country’s delegation, headed by the president of the State Agency for the Development of Tourism, Mariana Oleskiv, will develop from the 16th to the 20th of January during their participation in the international tourist fair.

Russian self-isolation
In this regard, Tourism of Ukraine has reported in a statement that this initiative is intended to give visibility to the current situation in the areas of tourism, heritage, infrastructure and trade. And, in this line, it intends to build bridges of collaboration between Ukraine, Spain and other countries, and with the tourism companies present at the fair.

For its part, Russia, a country that regularly participated in Fitur, seems to have opted for self-isolation and has not requested its presence at the fair this year. It should be remembered that in 2022 the Moscow City Tourism Committee had a pavilion and in 2020 it was represented by Russian Tourism and also by several of its regions.

Source: Oleg Mityukhin

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