May 26, 2024
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Most global regions showed full recovery

Among global regions, Asia experienced the only decline in revenue per available room (RevPAR) since 2019, according to 2022 data from STR

“While most regions of the world were affected by omicron in early 2022, the recovery of top-line performance generated big waves in the second half of the year,” said Robin Rossmann, managing director of STR. “Industry resilience has been supported by significant leisure travel pent-up over the summer coupled with a return in corporate demand, as the nature and duration of this business travel has evolved. Unlike previous recessions, room rates have been the key driver of the recovery, with every region of the world except Asia showing an increase in ADRs during 2019. Although occupancy was below comparables prior to the pandemic, the metric is expected to stabilize throughout 2023.

US$ constant currency, 2022 (percentage change compared to 2019):

Occupancy: 64.6% (-10.5%)
Average Daily Room Rate (ADR): US$148.97 (+18.5%)
Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR): US$96.25 (+6.1% )

Occupancy: 52.3% (-23.7%)
ADR: US$84.38 (-9.9%)
RevPAR: US$44.16 (-31.2%)

Australia and Oceania
Occupancy: 63.9% (-13.6%)
ADR: US$162.34 (+20.8%)
RevPAR: US$103.74 (+4.3%)

Middle East
Occupancy: 63.6% (-3.3%)
ADR: US$173.10 (+22.2%)
RevPAR: US$110.12 (+18.2%)

Occupancy: 54.2% (-10.7%)
ADR: US$140.74 (+38.3%)
RevPAR: US$76.29 (+23.5%)

North America
Occupancy: 62.5% (-4.9%)
ADR: US$148.39 (+13.9%)
RevPAR: US$92.77 (+8.3%)

South America
Occupancy: 57.0% (-3.2%)
ADR: US$87.57 (+30.3%)
RevPAR: US$49.93 (+26.2%)

Source : RCD Hotels

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