May 26, 2024
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CATM 2024 confirmed the interest of international tourism in the multi-destination offer of Central America

The Central America Travel Market (CATM), the most important tourism fair in Central America and the Dominican Republic, successfully concluded its thirteenth edition, held from April 16 to 18 in El Salvador, with the motto “weaving connections”

The fair had the participation of more than 400 key players in the tourism industry, including wholesale tour operators and media from countries such as Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy, as well as North and South America. .

With a total of 1,620 business appointments registered, participants were able to learn first-hand about the attractive and diverse tourism proposal, as well as the news of the destinations that make up the region, which in 2023 received more than 24 million visitors, placing the region among one of the most visited areas in the world, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UN Tourism).

The fair began with an event full of meaning, in which participants were able to have contact with the culture of the region. “Welcome to El Salvador, to the land of hosts. We are proud to lead one of the most important tourism promotion and marketing events for Central America and the Dominican Republic. This work is key to promoting the region as a multi-destination and El Salvador is honored to be able to host this event,” declared the Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez.

The ceremony was attended by representatives and delegates of the National Tourism Authorities, the National Chambers of Tourism of Central America, as well as ambassadors from member countries, friendly countries, as well as institutions linked to tourism and Central American integration.

The stands at CATM 2024 captivated visitors. Each space became a unique window for the exhibition of tourist destinations, offering sensory and visual experiences that transported viewers to enclaves full of charm and adventure.

From exquisite gastronomy to folk dances, to the exhibition of local crafts, the stands informed about the destinations and immersed visitors in the cultural and natural wealth of Central America, inspiring the desire to discover more of this incredible multi-destination.

At CATM 2024, the potential of emerging segments in Central America could also be appreciated, such as: surf tourism, with the uniqueness of allowing the practice of this sport in the Caribbean and the Atlantic in the same trip; ornithological tourism, since the region occupies second place in the Western Hemisphere for bird watching; and gastronomic tourism, based on the unique fusion of ancestral flavors and European, East African and indigenous influences that converge in Central America.

Intraregional Networking and Board of Directors of FEDECATUR:

Prior to the start of the CATM fair, the Federation of Central American Tourism Chambers (FEDECATUR) provided a space for the establishment of alliances between companies in the region, as well as the exchange of experiences for the commercialization of the multi-destination offer towards the markets of interest. This action allowed us to strengthen regional ties as a prelude to meeting international buyers.

Along the same lines, the Board of Directors of FEDECATUR held a session to present the actions carried out by the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Federation, exercised by the National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras, to encourage integration relations of the private sector of the industry. As well as establishing the agenda for the next Pro Tempore Presidency.

Activities for tourism professionals:

The CATM hosted a complete program for professionals, with presentations relevant to the future of Central America. The main challenges of tourism in the region, the reduction of the carbon footprint to contribute to reducing climate change and the importance of experiential marketing were some of the topics of the conferences held.

Source : CATA

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