April 23, 2024
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Tianguis Turístico México 2024 example of the rebirth of Acapulco

The participation of more than a thousand buyers, the presence of 40 countries, as well as the presence of 1,441 exhibitors from 852 companies and 32 states has been confirmed

The federal Secretary of Tourism and the Secretary of Tourism of Guerrero, representing the governor of the entity, highlighted that the organization of the Mexico 2024 Tourist Tianguis, which will be held from April 8 to 12 in the port of Acapulco, is advancing with step firm and will demonstrate that this tourist destination has recovered from the passage of Hurricane Otis.

The great Mexican tourist festival, the most important in Latin America, to date has already confirmed the participation of 1,079 buyers from 634 companies; and the presence of 40 countries, including Mexico; as well as the presence of 1,441 exhibitors from 852 companies; and the 32 federal entities.

The preliminary program of the Tianguis Turístico México 2024 includes 97 pavilions, of which 65 are corporate and 32 are state pavilions; business appointment areas; Master lectures; panels; workshops; recognition awards; gastronomic area; craft exhibition; among others.

It was highlighted that this will be the fourth Inclusive Tourist Tianguis, with the purpose of promoting, promoting and raising awareness about the labor insertion of people with disabilities, creating synergy with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, businessmen, federal entities and associations.

According to Inegi, in 2020, in Mexico there were 20 million 838 thousand 108 people with a disability, which represents a large sector of the population that can have an employment opportunity in tourism.

As part of the organization of the Mexico 2024 Tourist Market, a meeting of the Security Subcommittee was held last week, which aims to establish close coordination between authorities so that the event is carried out in perfect order.

All authorities in matters of security, assistance and aid of the three levels of government followed up on the agreed strategies in favor of the protection of people and the different venues and strategic points.

It was highlighted that the times demand the maximum effort so that “The Pearl of the Pacific” shines with all its splendor and is repositioned as a destination of quality and warmth worldwide.

Regarding hotel infrastructure, it was announced that, as of March 15, 2024, 8,326 rooms are available, this is 2,797 more than last month; in 180 hotels, which means 52 more than last month, of which 76 are in the Traditional Zone, 70 in the Dorada, 22 in the Diamante and 12 in Pie de la Cuesta.

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