May 26, 2024
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The new edition of ABAV international expo begins in Brazil

Embratur joins efforts to reactivate the tourism sector and aims to strengthen commercial ties with the world at the Fair of the Americas

This Wednesday began in Olinda, a municipality in the state of Pernambuco, the 49th ABAV Expo 2022, considered the largest fair in the national tourism market. The event, which brings together the main tourism players in Brazil and the world, continues until Friday and is expected to attract more than 30,000 visitors and 1,500 exhibitors.

Present at the opening of the fair, the president of Embratur, Silvio Nascimento, highlighted the importance of the fair for the promotion of tourism in Brazil. “This will undoubtedly be the largest edition of the event. Embratur has given its contribution and today we are receiving more than 30 foreign buyers, as a result of a partnership with ABAV”, he highlighted.

With a total of 36 selected international buyers from Europe, South America and North America, the expectation is that the action will directly contribute to bringing national and international trade closer together and strengthen the dissemination of Brazilian attractions, services and destinations abroad.

Tourism Minister Carlos Brito, who was also present at the event, guaranteed efforts to strengthen the attraction of international tourists to Brazil. “We will continue our work so that we can really bring visitors from abroad to our country. It is unacceptable that a country like ours spends decades receiving 6.5 million foreign tourists and sending 11 million Brazilians abroad. The pandemic taught and showed all Brazilians that we have everything they are looking for or something else they didn’t know,” said Brito.

Nascimento also mentioned the actions being carried out by the Agency for the promotion of the country abroad to promote the arrival of foreigners to the country. “Embratur has been promoting Brazil through international fairs, roadshows, advertising campaigns, famtours, and press trips with journalists and influencers from around the world,” he said.

Also as part of the program for the first day of the fair, Embratur’s Marketing Manager, André Reis, gave a lecture on the country’s tourism potential. “Brazil is a country of exuberant natural beauty, incomparable gastronomy and a very rich culture. Embratur is working hard to promote these destinations in the world”, he guaranteed.

Source: Embratur

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